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Zřícenina Sirotčí hradBurgruine Sirotčí hrad

Ruin of castle Sirotčí hrádek

One of the dominant in the Pavlovske vrchy hills, over the village Klentice northwards of Mikulov. Sirotci hradek (Rossenstein) has the name after the Wehingens. One stem had been lived there in the first half of 13th century. The ruin takes a very characteristic impression. It was destroyed sometime before 1590. The documents from 1629 describes about the castle as “totally desolated”. The castle has been built on two split rocks divided by a deep hollow. In the hollow there is a karst’s cave. The main part of the castle laid on the south rock. A 8 meters high and 2, 5 meters thick wall with one window has been preserved connected to the remains of the wall and three window arches.

Ruin of castle from Kletnice
Sirotci hrad and hill Stolova hora
Skalisko u hradu

Ruin of castle

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